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Website Design, most people just don't get it - Part 1

What is website design ????

Many and most think its simply just pretty images on the computer screen.

That may be true but it's just scratching the surface. What's behind the images and simple text ? Have you ever taken the time to look at the layers of code and infrastructure that make the page appear on the screen the way it does? Do you have any idea how deep it can go or what it can really do beyond just sitting there and look pretty? Have you ever even thought to ask?

Building a functioning and attractive site takes more than some photos you found on the web and some generic text. How the site functions and presents itself to the world on the internet is no small feat nor should it be left to chance or luck.

If you want your site to do more than just sit there on the odd chance that someone will just happen to pass by you are missing out on a lot.

What about cost ? Okay yes you can easily get a site for little money but in this day and age you really do get what you pay for. Go ahead, if you have the time, and hire a designer strictly based on cost and not budget. Months later when your asking yourself why is it not working, why is nobody responding, why am I not getting any business you will have your answer.

Cost is not the factor you should gauge your site by if you have any desire for it to do anything for you or your livelihood.

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